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Only the Best

We Find the Best So That You Don’t Have To

We believe that creating access to key information can have a significant positive impact for a range of vulnerable communities. The simple effort of providing the right educational resource  for your users can have a dramatic impact for some users.

Our goal is to identify opportunities to improve the health, security and quality of life among those who need it the most.

We scour the web for the best resources available for these communities – most often ones that fill an informational gap or under-served need. Many of our members come from these communities or are actively involved in them, ensuring that we have the requisite expertise to truly know the value of a particular resource or organization. We sift through the noise so that you don’t have to.


Our Communities

If You’re a Member of a Community Not Listed Here, or have ideas for digital advocacy:

People with Disabilities

Hearing Impaired

Visually Impaired


Vulnerable or at-risk Seniors

addicted Individuals and their Families

minority Students

Mental Illness

Minority Religions

Poor & Underprivileged

immigrants and esl


Proven Success

Data-driven Success

The communities that we serve and advocate for appreciate our work. With quantifiable goals, we track the success of our campaigns. This continually informs our methods. We look forward to serving more communities and bridging the gaps wherever we find them.


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